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Dear Travelers,


This is to introduce you a team of my colleagues and friends who I have been working with for several years due to high demand and who I can highly recommend. Many travelers have been happy with their guiding in the past and wrote wonderful reviews about their experience as shown below. I CAN ARRANGE a tour with any of these guides.


Please find SPECIAL TOURS recommended by an individual guide in her section.  The trips by car outside Prague include a price for guide, car and driver and do not include the admission fees. See prices  for Prague walking tours.








grew up in a small village in a suburb of Prague. She is a guide since 1999 and still very passionate about it. If you want to see Prague crisscross, Dana is a the right person for you. She will show you hidden corners, passages and hardly noticeable gems around the historical centre. She will also share her experiences living through communist era. Her tours are non standard. Dana speaks excellent English and has wonderful reviews on traveler's forums.


Dana's Special Tour: 

Visit a typical Czech small town by bus/train or car:

BEROUN is a medieval town located 1/2 hour from Prague.  You will see the historical center surrounded by gates and walls and experience a local shopping in the meat shops and a fruit market (Wed+Sat) on the medieval square. Returning to Prague by train along the River Berounka offers picturesque views of landscape and small villages. This tour can be combined with a tour to monumental KARLSTEJN CASTLE and see an extraordinary collection of medieval paintings. If travelling by car, the  famous RUCKL GLASSWORKS can be included. 6-8 hours trip. 8800 CZK by bus/train + price for transport+admission, 12800 CZK by car.


In Prague Dana also offers a special "WHEELCHAIR Tour for Handicapped people". This tour requires a deep knowledge of accessible places in the historical center full of stairs, slopes and medieval surfaces. Dana is very experienced with Prague obstacles.


If you like to try  SEGWAY Tour in Prague, Dana will be happy to be your guide as well.



My husband and I just returned from Prague. We hired Dana Chaloupka for a day. Dana was very knowledgeable and a delight to be with. Dana was very flexible and based her tour on our interests. David and I did not want the day to end.. Source: Tripadvisor Forum











was born in Prague and graduated from Charles University. She spent several years living in New York and Munich after she fled from the communist Czechoslovakia. Jana's knowledge of Prague takes breath not only to visitors but locals as well. Jana is an official English speaking guide of the National Theatre. She is an enthusiastic and caring guide. With Jana you will spend an unforgettable day in Prague.


Jana's Special tours to:


TREBIC - one of the oldest Jewish settlements in the country


Trebic was once  an important center of Jewish life and culture in Moravia. The town boasts a well preserved Jewish quarter with 120 original densely built  houses in crooked  alleys and charming squares. Two synagogues, the Town Hall, school house, rabinate and poorhouse are still preserved here. The Jewish cemetery includes more than 3000 tombstones. The Jewish Town along with the Romanesque-Gothic Basilica of St. Procopius in Trebic has been inscribed on the UNESCO list in 2003. The city is situated in Western Moravia about 180 km from Prague. The ride takes about 2,5 hours and the trip lasts about 10 hours. The price is 12900 CZK.


You can combine the trip to Trebic with the visit of the  town Polna. It is a small town situated 40 min from Trebic with a rich Jewish history starting in the 17th century. 13500 CZK.


VYSEHRAD - Prague tour  off the beaten path


is emblazoned with mysterious legends and sought after by locals in their leisure time and popular among tourists looking for  special historical areas off the beaten path. Vysehrad is perched on a cliff high above the river Vltava south of Prague's city center. It was a royal seat rebuilt into a Baroque citadel. We visit the church of Saint Peter and Paul, the resting place of the leading Czech personalities and fortification casemates..We will enjoy a breathtaking scenic view of Prague panorama from the ramparts. Great photo spots! 3 hours.



We were just in Prague last week and actually tried to use Eva's services. When she was unavailable we tried some other references and were eventually referred to Jana Pehe who was EXCELLENT. We was awed by the extent of her knowledge, both about history in general and about Jewish history, which we were very interested in. Jana has a passion for informing people about Prague and her enthusiasm shows! She was very flexible and willing to alter our tour to whatever interested us... Source :Tripadvisor Forum







grew up in Prague. She is passionate about the history and art and has always loved to travel and learn about different cultures. She spent several years abroad in Germany,  United States and Thailand. Lucie has been working in tourism since 1999 and she is a fantastic a guide. She is very knowledgeable, personal and devoted to her job. You will miss her after the tour :-) Lucie guides in English and German and also speaks some French.


Lucie's Special Tour :



On this tour I will take you to lovely historic but non too touristic towns near Prague. Melnik is situated on a hill above the confluence of two rivers. It is a centre of Bohemia's small wine-growing region. We will visit a chateau, optionally do some wine tasting in the chateau wine cellars, enjoy most beautiful views from the castle terrace and see the historic marketplace. Litomerice is a beautiful untouristy town called Garden of Bohemia about 30 min drive from Melnik. The town is a seat of the bishopric with number of churches, well preserved Renaissance and Baroque houses. On the way back we can drive through Terezin, the WWII concentration camp. 8-9 hours trip. 10800 CZK



Lucie thank you so much for making our trip so fabulous! You are wonderful and we look forward to seeing you next summer. Please stay in touch! Smiles, Michele, Ted and Jack









Hana is an experienced Prague guide since 1996. She studied economics but decided to change her former profession and became a tour guide. She traveled widely in Australia and United States. Hana loves her job and showing off the beauty of Prague and the Czech Republic. She is helpful , knowledgeable and very personable. Hana guides with enthusiasm and passion in English language.


Hana's Special Tour:

BEAD TOUR to NORTHERN BOHEMIA excursion to a farm that manufactures the glass beads, glass pearls and bead trinkets. You can make your own jewel in a bead workshop and purchase local beads. The farm keeps also sheep, rams and goats.  On the way back you can see the castle KOST and visit a beautiful region of the CZECH PARADISE. 8-10 hours trip. 12200 CZK



I just had to write to you and let you know how wonderful Hana was with our tours. She gave us much information on  Cesky Krumlov and we were very happy to have chosen  that site to visit.  The bead tour was very special to me and Hana was delightful to be with.  Hana left us with many happy memories of the Czech Republic.  Kindest regards, Debbie Z.










was born in Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic. After graduating from university, with Master degree in history, he did several jobs and eventually started with guiding in 2004. He combines deep knowledge of history and sense of humor, so his tours are definitely not boring. He likes sports (tennis), literature (Kundera), theatre, history, travelling. He doesn't like communist and will be happy to explain you why ...

Radek's special tours:

WWII   started on September 1st 1939, but Prague was occupied half year earlier. Let's join me to hear stories about heroism of Czech people, about tragedy of my nation, and I will answer the most frequent question: why Prague wasn't damaged during the war? We will visit some museum and memorial related to the war and I will show you interesting monuments marking traces of the war events. 4 hours.

PUB TOUR   drinking beer has always been part of our culture. Painters, writers, intellectual and politicians used to meet in their favorite pubs and cafes. No wonder, Czech beer is supposedly  the best beer in the world. I can take you around typical Czech pubs still sought after by locals and doesn't matter, whether you want to spend your time in city center or off the beaten tracks. Just let me know, what do you prefer - pubs, cafes, wine cellars ... And of course, there will be enough time to talk about life, our eating and drinking culture and to answer all your questions. Please note: it is still legal and common to smoke in Czech pubs and restaurants! 3 and more hours.



The town has become famous for many reasons. The first and the most important is its beer: Pilsner Urquell. So why not to visit the brewery with its large system of larger cellars? It is possible and it is interesting! You will enjoy also medieval square with gothic St. Bartholomew cathedral. We can also visit one of the biggest synagogues in Europe! And other attraction of Plzen is General Patton memorial. US hero liberated Plzen in May 1945.  

6-7 hours, price 12500 CZK



I want you to know how much we enjoyed and learned from our guide, Radek.  He arrived promptly as promised and conducted us on a very interesting and informative tour.  It was especially meaningful to hear him describe (and show photos) about his participation in the Velvet Revolution.  Radek's knowledge of Czech history, culture, economics and religions added rich texture to the beautiful sights of Prague. We will be glad to recommend you agency to friends who plan to visit Prague. Jere J.







EVA TRKALOVA  (owner of this website)


was raised in the historical center of Prague having constantly learned about this splendid and mysterious place. After working for many years in consulting company, she decided to turn her long term interest in history and art into a profession. The best description of her tours was provided by one of her clients. "You made the tours so interesting, balancing lightness with depth and learning with joy. Thank you very much for your knowledge and kindness".


Eva's special tour:


Vaclav Havel


On this tour you will learn about my daily life under the communism regime, see places where I grew up and went to school, learn about dissidents including Vaclav Havel and places connected with his life, see the former secret police headquarters and hear the details about the Velvet Revolution. 3 hours. See the video


REFERENCE - read here



One of the most charming spa towns in Europe surrounded by beautiful nature. Treasury of mineral curative springs, park promenades and elegant hotels recalling the royalty guests, famous composers and other prominent people. Great place for relaxation.




During our visit we can see the most luxurious spa facility including spa cabins designed for the English King Edward VII, listen to the Singing Fountain and taste fresh traditional spa wafers. Optionally you can take a relaxing carbonic bath. 8-9 hours trip. 11800 CZK




We look forward to your visit!




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Martina K.




being native of Prague, Martina has a passion for its history and architecture. She works as a professional guide since 2000 but originally studied economy. She started to study history as a full-time mother and turned a big hobby into a profession. Martina is an experienced guide with personal touch and sense of humor. She can take you for a tour in English and German.

Martina's special tours:



Did you know that the word PRAHA is female? And that the first woman who won the Nobel prize was born in Prague? And what about the best Czech sportswomen? Our history is full of great women - let's go together to discover this hidden female history of Prague. And if your husband will go with us - just because of him, I will mention some famous men as well :-) 3-4 hours.



Dear Martina, what a joy it was to have you as our Tour Guide. You made our trip to the Czech Republic something we will always remember! You gave us in insight into the Czech Republic that was thorough, enlightening and fascinating. We loved every minute of our tour. In fact we've told our friends that if they travel to the Czech Republic they must ask for you as their tour guide! Thank you for a wonderful experience. Richard and Elaine P. Houston, Texas USA






Martina V.





grew up in the small town Rychnov and studied at the Czech Technical University in Prague. The history, culture, art and architecture were always her hobby and she fell in love with Prague.  She started to guide already during her studies and after few years she became a full-time professional  guide. Martina is highly knowledgeable, friendly and experienced also with children.  You will discover with her beautiful places, hidden to "main stream" tourists.


Martina's special tours:




Southern Bohemia is said to be the most beautiful region and the town Prachatice is a hidden gem.  Prachatice offers 14th century town walls and charming Renaissance centre. The tour includes a visit of the unique Bobbin Lace Museum, where you can admire traditional Czech handcraft. The rich collections  present historical Czech and  European bobbin lace and you can see the demonstrations of the bobbin lace making. In the afternoon you will visit the 16th century Kratochvile chateau with its lovely interiors and peaceful garden. It is a whimsical stop in the rush of everyday life.  10 hours trip. 13000 CZK. Only April - October.



A small copy of the medieval Bohemian village was built by company Botanicus in 1990s. Watch the craftsmen of the middle ages at work (blacksmiths, candle-makers, stonemasons, potters, rope-makers..) The charming medieval atmosphere is supported by medieval music, food and drinks. You can relax in the extensive gardens. Children can try making their own rope, candle, soap or even to find some gold. There are held many festivals during the touristic season. 5 hour trip. 9500 CZK. Only April - October



The Tacoma Concert Band would like to thank you for making our trip to Eastern Europe a life long memory. Your knowledge and patience greatly unriched our travel adventure. Thank you again. We will take back fond memories of your warm smile and wonderful sense of humor. The Tacoma Concert Band


We would like to compliment the wonderful tour guide Martina we had on the Terezin Tour. She was so informative and sensitive, she made the tour so very interesting to the 12 participants.  Thanks her for an excellent job. Karla P and Jack O'B, Brooklyn, NY.



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