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Jewish Clock

Jewish Town Hall Clock



Old-New Synagogue

Old-New Synagogue



Jewish Town Hall

Jewish Town Hall



Old Jewish Cemetery

Old Jewish Cemetery


with  Leora R. descendant of Maharal


Shavuot 2016



Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka Statue



David Cerny's Kafka





Prague is one of the oldest and most prominent Jewish centres in Central Europe. Despite  natural disasters, pogroms and expulsion, the continuity of the local Jewish settlement and religious life has never been disrupted throughout  the 1000 year history of the Prague Jewish community. The "Golden Age" of the Jewish Town in Prague occurred at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. Prague became one of the largest  Jewish communities in Europe.  A great number of  outstanding rabbis, scholars and philosophers lived in the city. The most famous is Rabbi Low known as Maharal. His burial place is at the Old Jewish cemetery. The last peak of Jewish culture in Prague dates to the turn of the 19th and 20th century. Many writers, poets and artists enriched Czech, German and Hebrew literature and culture.






Jewish Museum Walk  - Half day tour

We will start our tour in the Maisel Synagogue and here you will get acquainted with the history of Czech Jews which began in the 10th century. We will walk through the  unique Old Jewish cemetery and the Ceremonial Hall,  visit the Pinkas Synagogue which was turned into the Holocaust Memorial and find out customs and traditions of local Ashkenazi Jews in the Klaus Synagogue. Then we take a look at the historical Jewish Town Hall and admire the beautiful Spanish synagogue built in the Moorish style. These sights form the Jewish Museum.  Apart from the museum you can also visit the oldest active synagogue in Europe called Old-New Synagogue built 700 years ago and currently used by the local orthodox community.

Duration 3-4 hours.


Prague Walk + Jewish Museum - Full day tour

will introduce you Prague (see Introduction Tour) and emphasize the Jewish historical aspects.  Then we will visit the Jewish Museum featuring the sights above and the Old-New Synagogue.

Duration 7-8 hours.






Your Guide

Our team are authorized Prague guides fully licensed by the Jewish Museum. They all passed the exam at the Jewish Museum from the Jewish history, customs and traditions as required in order to guide you through the Jewish Museum.


Guide Cost

The rate starts at 890 CZK/$40 per hour .  See more details.

The entrance fee to Jewish Museum and Old-New Synagogue is 500 CZK/$23 per adult and 350 CZK/$16 per child 6-15 or student and it is paid extra.


Jewish Museum Opening Hours

Open daily except Saturdays and Jewish Holidays

Winter Time : 10am - 4,30pm

Summer Time: 10am - 6pm


Kosher food

is available in four Kosher restaurants in Prague:

King Solomon

Shalom  (at the Jewish Town Hall)

Shelanu restaurant



Schedule of Services*:

Old New Synagogue - Kabbalat Shabbat starts on Fridays one hour before sunset. Shacharit takes place every Saturday morning at 9 am. On weekdays Maariv starts at 7:30pm.


High Synagogue - the services are here daily. Shacharit starts at 8:30 am., Mincha at 2 pm. Access only through the Jewish Town Hall.


Jerusalem (Jubilee) Synagogue On Saturdays Shacharit takes place at 9 am.


Spanish Synagogue every Friday at 7pm (summer)


*The schedule is changing throughout the year. For exact schedule please check


More Jewish heritage in Prague:

The Jewish Cemetery  in Zizkov was founded in the 17th century. The most visited grave is that of the Chief Rabbi of Prague Ezekiel Landau the author of  Noda bi-Jehuda.


The New Jewish Cemetery  dates to 1890 and is the only functioning Jewish cemetery in Prague


The Jerusalem (Jubilee) Synagogue is an interesting example of Art Nouveau stylisation of  the morphology of the Moorish Style.



More info on official website of the Prague Jewish community kehilaprag.





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